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Gun and Ammo Givaway Contest, Oct - Dec 2012

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Thanks to JeffsSig who has kindly provided the following prizes to be given away here on TGC before Christmas 2012.

First Prize - Kel Tec 32, Like new in the box. More complete description and photo in the next post.

Second Prize – Ammo, To Be Determined
("The ammo will be based on what the winner wants and what I have on hand. I have most calibers on hand. One - two boxes based on the caliber and or type." That is a direct quote from Jeff.)

Basic Eligibility:
You must be a current member or join TGC before the official number of members posted at the bottom of the front page reaches 1000 members. (865 as of Oct 18, 2012)

The contest will run from October 22, 2012 until one week after we reach 1000 members or December 22, 2012, whichever occurs first.

Rules and How to enter the contest:
  1. Go to your profile using the My Profile link at the top of any page. Click on the “Experience” tab. Make a note of your experience points at the top of the right column of that page. Experience points are awarded automatically by the system based on participation in various TGC activities.
  2. You must indicate that you are entering the contest by making a post in The Contest Thread. Include in your post the experience points you have at the time of your entry. (Putting your points in your post is for your information so you can keep track of any increase in your experience points.)
  3. Please restrict the Contest Thread to contest entry posts only so we can better keep up with who has entered. (Use the old thread for any contest questions or discussion: New Giveaway/ Karma coming soon )
  4. You must make at least one more post in any forum except the Junk and Testing forum before the contest ends. Please make the post more than the two or three word “hey, I agree” type.
  5. You can increase your chances of staying in the contest and winning the first prize by increasing your TGC experience points. There are many ways to increase your experience points all of which are shown at this link: Earn Experience Points on TGC (More info below.)
  6. That’s all there is to it.

How winners will be determined:
  1. At the end of the contest, the experience points of each entrant will be compared with their experience points at the beginning of the contest.
  2. The drawing for the first prize will only include those entrants who have earned the largest INCREASE in experience points since the contest start. Only the top 40 points earners during the contest will be eligible for the first prize drawing.
  3. The drawing for the second prize will include everyone (except the first prize winner) who enters the contest and makes at least one additional post.
  4. At the close of the contest, the judges will assign each eligible entrant a random number between 000 and 999. will be used to generate these numbers. The assigned random numbers will be posted here online and the date for the drawings will be announced.
  5. The first prize winner will be determined by the assigned entrant number that is closest to the Tennessee Lottery Cash Three Mid-Day drawing on the announced date.
  6. The second prize winner will be determined by the assigned entrant number that is closet to Tennessee Lottery Cash Three Evening drawing on the same date as the first prize drawing.
  7. Winners have 7 days to claim their prizes by sending their contact information by PM to JeffsSig or 45acp.

************************************************** *************

More Information and Fine Print

How to add to your experience points:
One of the best ways to add to your experience points is by inviting others to join TGC by sending them your referral link (URL) in an email. Your personal referral URL link can be found at the top on the right side of your Settings page. If the person you send it to joins, you earn 25 experience points.

Other ways to add to your experience points:
Start Threads
Start better threads which other users think are worth the effort to rate
Fill out your profile
Make posts
Invite/make friends
Talk someone else into donating you some points from their pile

(Notice that you can lose points for infractions, at least 100 for each one.)

Disclaimers and Fine Print in Plain Language:
1.Guns and ammo by design can be dangerous and deadly. By entering this contest you release Tennessee Gun Club (TGC), the owners, contest judges, sponsors, and web hosts from any and all liability for any and all damages that might result from the use or possession of any prizes awarded from this site.

2.By entering this contest, you acknowledge that you are fully aware of, and agree to abide by all applicable laws regarding the transfer a firearm or ammunition to you as the new owner.

3.If any winner fails to claim their prize within the allotted time, or is determined to be ineligible to legally take possession of the prize, the next closest assigned entrant number eligible for any prize will be declared the substitute winner(s).

4.If a face to face meeting for the delivery of any prize to you is not practical, as determined either by you or the judges, you agree to pay exact shipping charges from east Tennessee to your location. In addition, should you reside outside Tennessee, you agree to be responsible for any applicable FFL fees and background checks necessary for you to legally take possession at your location.

5.This is just a friendly contest to encourage participation on TGC. However, this contest may be terminated by the site owner or judges at any time, for any reason, or due to circumstances beyond our control.

6.The site owner is solely responsible for determining when we have 1000 (legitimate) members. There have been numerous, mostly foreign, spammers join TGC who have promptly been deleted. There will probably be more before the contest ends. However, the software assigns user numbers consecutively for new members and does not re-issue old deleted user numbers. Hence, your user number may actually be larger than the number of members shown at the bottom of the forum home page.

7.A snapshot of the "Experience" database will be taken at the beginning and again at the end of the contest to determine the experience points leaders. Those snapshots, and not any user posted experience point totals, will be used to determine user eligibility for drawings.

8.The site owner, the contest judges and operators and their immediate family members are not eligible to win any prizes on TGC.

9.Decisions by the judges in this contest are final. Any ties will go to the earliest of the two contest entry dates.

10.TGC is not associated with, and does not promote nor encourage participation in, the Tennessee Lottery. The daily drawing will be used only as a generator of random numbers to determine the winners of this contest.

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  1. 45acp's Avatar
    Here is more info on the First Prize:

    Kel Tec P32 Model: KTP32HC Hard Chrome
    200 rounds fired.
    2 Mags
    1 Magazine Finger Extension
    Grip Tape - can be removed
    Box and book with lock

    Holster has very little wear.
    Galco web site:

    Gun specs are here on KelTec's web site:

    Larger photo of gun on Jeff's web site:


    Make a post in this thread to enter. Remember to post any questions or comments about the contest only at New Giveaway/ Karma coming soon

    Edit: I started this thread today just before 5:00PM EDT. However my AT&T DSL connection has been down most of the time since. So, the contest officially began when I made a snapshot of the Experience stats at 8:07PM EDT, today Oct. 22. You will get credit for any additional post made after that time.

    Edit #2, 23Oct12: Jeff has just posted a very nice photo of the gun in the October Gun of the Month photo contest at this link.
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