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Review your worst ammo

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For me it is Remington 223 ammo.

For some odd reason It wants to jam in almost every AR I own. I get FTF at least 4 times in one 20 round mag and I have bought from different stores and dates so it cant be all from the same lot#( but I did check).
I use different mags from FN to Magpul to the cheapest ones out there.

Also the UMC by Remington in the .223 is always very bad groups and when checking OAL of them they are as much as .025s different.

So for 223 ammo Remington gets a zero in my book and I have sold or given away all that I owned.
For me....since you asked is that Tula .223 crap.....any and all of it. It's filthy dirty....under gassed and totally unreliable. I have AR's from a custom Addax Tactical build to S&W M&P 15....Stag model 2 ....Noveske carbine to a CMMG. None of them run reliably...FTF...FTE...yada yada yada. I can put everthing else from match ammo...reloads and even Silver Bear without a hitch so it's not my weapons. It's that crappy ammo.

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  1. PoliceK9Trainer's Avatar
    [SIZE=3]I like shooting 410 shotgun shells out of my 454 Raging Bull Casull. Should have spent more money for the Winchester or Federal ammo as this Golden Bear 3" magnum #4 buck 410's SUCK. Every shell swells upon firing and one in 5 shells will NOT fire some of them even with multiple strikes. [/SIZE]
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